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NSW GP 1:8th Offroad State Championchips


2016 NSW State Titles XRAY Dominates!!

With a new format and allocation of the meeting to the country area Manning Valley was the chosen Track for the 2016 States in NSW. Having raced there only once many years ago it was going to be interesting to see what the organizers had come up with for the meeting.

Weather was very warm during practice and the track did not hold any moisture, with only 2 rounds of practice and the track breaking up badly it was looking like a trying weekend ahead...


Frustrated with the track during qualifying i was happy to be sitting 3rd overall. Car and driver getting better each round, taking the win in the last round finally gave some confidence. Making some overnight changes we went into the Practice round with good setup and a good nights sleep.

Buggy Final:

Some late starters at the buzzer allowed me to take 1st position from the get go!! pulling a 15 second lead within the first 5 mins. happy with the gap cruise mode started kicking in, but this allowed Craig Lautghton (TLR) to catch. Couple of mistakes and the race was on!! 25 mins to go and we traded places at every pit stop. Pressure was on but i was still confident and calm, 2 mins to the end and i lost the lead, 1 min left and a block pass on a corner jump was needed to take back the lead!!! last lap nose to tail and a drag race to the line!!!! I win by 1/2 a second!! Good clean racing all round!!


Brendham Wade (XT9) set the pace all weekend. Ari Bakla (XT9) close behind in second. It was ALLLL brendan in the final, Ari suffered a flame out in the first pit stop with a low idle allowing Brendhan a nice buffer. The veteran and all round nice guy kept a clean line and drove flawlessly all the way to the finish line!!

Buggy Results

1st Ari Bakla XRAY - PROLINE

2nd Craig Laughtin TLR - AKA

3rd Jarred King KYOSHO - PROLINE

4th Dallas Gardiner MUGEN - PROLINE

5th Cale Wilson TLR - PROLINE

6th Simon Roberts KYOSHO - AKA

7th Brendhan Wade XRAY - PROLINE

8th Alex Richardson ASSOCIATED - PROLINE 

9th Wade Lazich MUGEN - AKA

10th Kevin Lewis ASSOCIATED - AKA

11th Darren Pryor AGAMA - 

12th Shane Frieberg ASSOCIATED - AKA

Truggy Results

1st Brendhan Wade XRAYPROLINE

2nd Ian Haley MUGEN - AKA

3rd Wade Lazich MUGEN - AKA

4th Brad Stafford ASSOCIATED - 


6th Scott Richardson MUGEN - PROLINE

7th Corey Chivas 

8th Mick Matic MUGEN - PROLINE


10th Darren Pryor AGAMA -

11th Chris Omega TLR - 

Race Report by Ari Bakla

Images: Glen Innes Car Club and Manning Valley Car Club

Simon Roberts had the pace all weekend, it was clear the rest of the field was racing for 2nd and 3rd; there was only 10seconds separating 2nd to 6th . The first final went to Simon with Steve Patterson in 2nd and Steve Mihaljevic in 3rd. The 2nd final was filled with drama, Simon dropped out early with mechanical trouble opening the door for Steve Patterson to take the win, it wasn’t to be, with a back marker getting in the way on the final corner Steve Mihaljevic along with David Ford sneaking past to take win and 2nd pushing Steve back to 3rd. The pressure was on for the final run, Simon cleared out and dominated the race, with Steve Patterson comfortably in 2nd …. With another twist to the results, Steve was taken out from a back market with only two laps remaining ending he’s day, this pushed Steve M into 2nd and David into 3rd.

Results of EP8 …

1.Simon Roberts – Kyosho - AKA

2.Steven Mihaljevic – Mugen 

3.David Ford – Losi - AKA

4.Steven Patterson – Mugen - Pro Circuit

5.Reece Benson – Losi

6.Nathan Brooks – Kyosho - Proline

7.Kev Regan – Mugen

8.Peter O’Brien – XRAY - Proline

9.James Garrahy – Losi 

10.Richard Bagguely - Associated - JConcepts

11.Mark Hicky – Mugen - AKA

12.Scotty Graham – Associated

13.Shane Reid – Tekno - Proline

14.Kaiden Springett

15.Cooper Richardson - Associated - Proline