Proline Challenge Race Report - ACT Canberra

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XRAY Dominates at the NSW PROLINE Challenge - ACT Round

Larges entries for the 2018 Season so far, can we beat it at Batemans Bay??? 65 Entered, couple didnt show for the day due to the weather forecast, but no rain and plenty of racing. We had a revised foremat for this round, 10min Qualifiers and 45 Minute A-Main for some much needed prep for the worlds. PROLINE Blockade in X3 was the control tyre for the event, every participant had to run these to make a even playing field.
The ACT facility is one of the best in Australia and the Track Layout and Surface is awesome! Track was grooved within the first 2 hours and just got better and better.
EP8 ran 7 Minute Qualifiers and 3 A-Mains
Shane Reid took TQ Lhor and Michael Stone in 3. It was a 2 way battle for the mains as Lhor has Gear Mesh issues. Shane had a nice lead after Michael had a long crash, but once Mic settled in he was able to crawl back the 10 Second gap to the Shane, taking the lead on the last lap and the win in A1. A2 was almost a carbon copy, but with a smaller gap this time around. Michael was able to take the lead with a couple of minutes to go and bever looked back.
1st. Michael Stone XRAY
2nd Shane Reid - HB
3rd Austin McMahon - Mugen
4th Cary Davies - Mugen
5th Christopher Wilson - TLR
6th David Foord - Tekno
7th Peter Combes - Soar
8th Brad Hulm - XRAY
9th Richard Bagguley - AE
10th John Kelly - Tekno
11th Matthew Kemp
12th Paul Skinner - Mugen
13th Tristen Cupit 
14th Dean Gerard - Tekno
15th Lhor Chaichanachimplee - HB
GP Buggy was also a 2 horse race, Ari Bakla picked up TQ after winning all 3 Qualifiers, local fast guy Shane Kelly had some super fast lap speed and was Q2 with Craig Laughton in 3rd. Ari pulled a little gap but would be closed after the first pit stop, for the next 25 minutes Ari and SHane were never more than 2-3 seconds apart, switching the lead until Shane had a large crash in one of the worst areas of the track for a Marshal to get too. This gave Ari a large lead which he would protect and cross the line with the win.  
1st Ari Bakla - XRAY
2nd Shane Kelly - Mugen
3rd Craig Laughton - HB
4th Cameron Zammit - AE
5th Andrew Gillott - TLR
6th Simon Yeung - AE
7th Ronan Thomspn - TLR
8th Cale Wilson - TLR
9th Daniel Quinton - HB
10thPeter Seckold - XRAY
11th Mica Thompson - XRAY
12th Stuart Smith - XRAY
13th Wade Lazich - Mugen
14th Kev Lewis - Kyosho
15th Jonathan Collucio - Mugen

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