<p>The Hobbywing Xerun XR10 Pro G2 Brushless ESC is the newest high tech esc from the worrlds leading Rc esc brand Hobby wing.</p> <p>Battery Reverse Polarity Protection<br /> More accurate Throttle PWM and Brake PWM adjustment<br /> More options for Turbo Increase Rate and Turbo Decrease Rate<br /> More options for "Maximum Brake Force" settings<br /> Super strong BEC, peak current 10A, output voltage is accurately adjustable from 5.0-7.4V by 0.1V/step<br /> Additionally pluggable, external switch<br /> Additional features in preparation like data log function ...<br /> This is the must have speed control for top line racers.</p> <p>As used by Bruno Coelho, Olly Jefferies, Freddy Sudhoff, + many many more.</p> <p>Upgraded M4 Microprocessor (32-bit) for Professional Racing</p> <p>High-performance 32-bit M4 microprocessor is implemented in the XR10PRO G2 for Super-fast and precise processing of complicated data operations, this allows the ESC to have a very rapid and precise response with extraordinary potential to optimize and extend its functions further. The XR10 PRO G2 is an exceptional piece of Hardware combined with accurate and powerful software makes this ESC into a Precise weapon� for high end professional racing.</p> <p>Internal Battery-Reverse Polarity Protection Circuit</p> <p>With the Built-in Reverse Voltage Protection circuit, ESC's internal parts are all protected from Cross Connection of battery power.&nbsp;<br /> (Note: the overall power system will be protected from damage when non-polarized filter capacitors are used; the standard electrolytic (external capacitors ) supplied for this ESC have no reverse polarity protection, so the capacitors (only) ,not the ESC will be damaged when reverse polarity installation occurs.)</p> <p>Innovative Dual-Switches / Removable External Switch</p> <p>Internal electronic switch &amp; external removable switch for easy and convenient usage. The internal switch simplifies wiring while the external switch solves the issue its hard to reach the built-in switch when the car body is mounted on or inner chassis placement of ESC�. External switch is perfect for off-road applications. (Warning! This is Hobbywings registered patented)</p> <p>Updated Drive, and Brake PWM Frequency</p> <p>More available frequency values (include "Customized PWM Frequencies") for improved tuning options of the drive and brake feel. Drive PWM:1-32KHz, Brake PWM:0.5-16KHz</p> <p>Tunable Turbo Increase &amp; Decrease Rates</p> <p>More fine tunable values have been implemented for Turbo Increase &amp; Decrease Rates which allows the end user to fine tune the turbo for optimal performance when racing at different size tracks .</p> <p>Extra Brake Range From 101% to 150%</p> <p>Updated brake features for more brake power specifically for high turn spec racing applications by vehicles with a very aggressive gear ration/FDR.</p> <p>Switchable Motor Direction</p> <p>Switchable motor direction: CCW &amp; CW for various chassis.</p> <p>Super Internal BEC</p> <p>Built-in switch mode BEC with a maximum output of 10A and voltage adjustable from 5V to 7.4V (step:0.1V) for usage with high voltage servos.</p> <p>Softening Function (Hobbywings Patented Technology)</p> <p>Softening function implemented in this ESC allows user to fine-tune the bottom end allowing for maximum controlled power of vehicles used in Modified class racing applications.</p> <p>Programming/Upgrading/Data Reading Wirelessly</p> <p>With Hobbywings WiFi Express� module and iPhone or an Android phone (with the Hobbywing WiFi Link App installed), users can remotely program parameters, upgrade firmware and check relevant data of the ESC without leaving the control stand.</p> <p>Data-logging Function</p> <p>This ESC features the data-logging function which can record the maximum ESC/motor temperature, RPM and etc. in real time and allows users to check those data via a LCD program box or WiFi module after each use. In thefuture, new (ESC) firmware will not only record the maximum temperatures, RPM and others but also provide complete operation (status) curve for users.</p>


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