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RC Model Planes are a Great Way to Get Kids Away from Video Games

Most parents would agree that kids spend too much time playing video games, but RC model planes are a great way to get them outdoors and learning basic mechanics. Northern Beaches Hobby Centre is here to help you redirect their attention away from video screens and into something where they can make new friends and learn some valuable skills. Our extensive selection of RC planes allows you to spend quality time together for years.

What You Can Expect from Northern Beaches Hobby Centre Regarding RC Planes for Beginners

We have been providing a large selection of RC vehicles to Australians for almost two decades. We carry numerous parts and accessories for experienced enthusiasts and planes and helicopters ready to fly.

  • Our inventory includes cars, boats, planes and helicopters. We also offer plastic and wooden model kits and rockets for more adventurous folk.
  • We carry all the primary RC and hobby brands in Australia, ensuring you have access to all spare parts and accessories to maintain your hobby.
  • Our after sales service provides you with knowledgeable staff who can help with problem-solving and offer suggestions for improvements.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of RC Planes for Sale

Whether you are new to RC planes or have some experience, buying from a reputable outlet that stocks numerous spare parts and upgrades allows you to learn as you go.

  • If you’re new to RC planes, it is best to start with an RTF (ready to fly) plane. This type of aircraft is ready to fly out of the box and into the sky. This option is the ideal way to gain experience with the aircraft and control units.
  • If you have some experience with other RC vehicles and already possess a radio transmitter, a BNF (bind and fly) unit will save you the cost of the transmitter. These planes come out of the box, ready to sync with your current transmitter.
  • For more experienced RC enthusiast, an ARF (almost ready to fly) or a kit to build RC jet planes to your specifications for a truly bespoke craft is an excellent choice. These types of planes provide engine and radio system options for a truly unique flying experience.

What You Stand to Lose if You Don’t Use Northern Beaches Hobby Centre

Shopping from one location for your hobby allows you to form a relationship with people who share your passion. Our friendly service and fast shipping ensure you can have your plane back in the air in no time. We carry Blake Theory, E-Flite, Volantex, Hobbyzone, Parkzone, and Ares brands along with spare parts and accessories not usually found on other hobby websites. Our staff are always available to help you fix a problem or try something new. Drawing from their personal experiences enables them to provide exceptional service that keeps your plane in the air.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have regarding RC planes and which one is best for you. Help your kids experience the great outdoors with a hobby that actually flies in the sky.