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RC Model Shops Offer You Numerous Possibilities for Your Hobby

RC model shops provide you with fully equipped cars, trucks, boats and planes to help you escape the stress of everyday struggles with an outlet that improves your skills. Northern Beaches Hobby Centre carries a wide range of RC vehicles and spare parts, upgrades and accessories to pique your interest and satisfy your competitive nature.

Related Services We Provide as an RC Car Shop

We are an RC car shop that also offers boats and planes to suit your desires. We stock the most popular brands offering you the best options for your hobby.

  • We have been supplying RC enthusiasts with the best quality cars, trucks, boats and planes in Australia for nearly two decades.
  • Our RC plane shop allows you to take your passion to the sky with planes that will enable you to perform acrobatics like professional show pilots.
  • Our friendly staff share your passion for all things radio control and are ready to assist you in getting started and help you create custom vehicles that show your creativity and competitiveness.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding an RC Model Shop

Jumping into the remote control world requires thought regarding the type of vehicle you want and the terrain you want to traverse. Knowing this information before you shop sets you up for success.

  • Think about where you want to run your RC car or truck before you walk into the RC car shop. Off-road vehicles won’t perform well on a slalom course and cars built for speed won’t do well off the road. If you want to race on a track, choose a car that is suited for speed on flat surfaces.
  • Instruction manuals are not merely boring documents that are put together for you to become familiar with your new RC vehicle. It explains how to get it running and keep it running along with maintenance tips and upgrade options. Take the time to read the manual less aggravation.
  • Charge your batteries before running the first time. Batteries have memories, and if you start half charged, you’ll run half charged from then on reducing your run time and causing frustration. Following the manufacturer's instructions regarding charging and storage of batteries is essential to ensure you are ready to race.

Curb your excitement and spend time reading the instructions that come from the RC car shop with your new car or truck to ensure your first experience is thrilling and not frustrating.

Why Trust Northern Beaches Hobby Centre Regarding and RC Plane Shop

We carry major brands in our RC plane shop for every experience level. From RTF (ready to fly) planes to kits where you build a bespoke aircraft, we offer something for every skill and experience level. Our inventory of spare parts, upgrades and accessories are second to none, allowing you to keep your plane in the air for hours of enjoyment.

Contact our friendly staff to learn more about the RC world and how you can make your mark on the track, in the water or the sky.