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Take Your Remote Control Game to the Next Level with RC Off-Road Cars

Whether you are looking to enter competitive remote control car events or just seeking out a fast RC model to take your hobby to the next level, choosing an RC off-road model from Northern Beaches Hobby Centre is a great starting point. While some people think of RC cars as small, cheap, flimsy and slow, the RC cars we sell are the opposite. We make RC hobbies more fun simply by providing better-quality cars.

Benefits of Our RC Off-Road Cars

Why choose Northern Beaches Hobby Centre as the spot to shop for your RC off-road cars? Here are a few reasons why RC enthusiasts rely on us for their RC cars, boats, trucks, tanks, and accessories.

  • Our cars are big and heavy-duty: You can get an RC car from the local toy store for $15 or $20, but you (or your kids) probably won’t get much fun out of it. Those models are small, easy to break, and puny in terms of power and speed. None of those descriptors applies to the cars that we stock at Northern Beaches Hobby Centre, which come as big as 1/8 scale and bear the detailed, premium-level construction that leads to exciting off-road play.
  • Our cars are fast: Especially if you are entering competitive RC events, you want to be confident that your car can keep up with other drivers. Even if you are just looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon with your kid, a faster car is going to hold everyone’s attention for a lot longer. Our cars are nitro-powered, which means they go fast.
  • Our cars can go off-road: We carry RC cars and RC trucks that are intended for use primarily on hard, flat surfaces. With an RC off-road kart, you can expand your playground or racetrack to include so many more possibilities.

The Importance of RC Trucks, Boats, Cars, and Model Aircraft

Whether you are shopping for RC boats, RC tanks, or RC model aircraft, Northern Beaches Hobby Centre is the right place to look. Why are these products so popular and important to hobbyists, parents, and kids throughout Australia? Here are just a few reasons.

  • They are fun for all ages: High-quality, high-speed RC cars (or RC tanks, or RC aircraft) are fun for everyone. They’re a good way to get your kids off screens and outdoors, but they’re also an activity that you will personally enjoy.
  • They can match a variety of preferences: Especially if you are shopping for a gift for a child, it’s more fun when you have access to the wealth of options that we provide at Northern Beaches Hobby Centre. From semi-trucks to off-road cars to airplanes and helicopters, we have something for everyone.
  • They are built to last: One of the frustrating things about cheap RC cars is that you might give one as a give one Christmas only for it to be dead and broken by the next holiday season. Our RC vehicles are built to last.

Why Customers Should Use Northern Beaches Hobby Centre

When it comes to finding RC off-road cars, helicopters, trucks, and other vehicles, Northern Beaches Hobby Centre is the place to shop. In addition to our extensive selection and commitment to quality, we have a 20-year track record of offering superb products and excellent customer service.

Contact us today if you have any questions.