Remote Control Cars in Brisbane

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Discover Fun and Excitement with Remote Control Cars in Brisbane

There is a childlike joy that anyone can unlock when they explore a hobby such as racing remote control cars in Brisbane—and it’s a joy that people of all ages can experience. At Northern Beaches Hobby Centre, we've made it our mission to spread that joy far and wide by providing easy access to high-quality RC cars and other equipment. Whether you're a veteran racer or a beginner looking for an easy-to-control car with which to learn the ropes, NBHC is your one-stop shop for all RC-related needs—and much more.

Related Services We Provide Alongside Remote Control Planes in Brisbane

Would we be worthy of the label “hobby centre” if we didn't work hard to support all the fantastic RC hobbies out there? Whether you're interested in cars, remote control planes, or boats, we've got you covered. What if your interests lie somewhere else? Consider the other offerings that we provide:

  • Kites and non-RC planes. You can start with a hobby that’s simpler and more traditional, whether it's slicing through the air with a kite or building a wind-up plane and letting her fly.
  • Model rocket kits. Is there anything more thrilling than the whoosh of a rocket motor and the thrill of a successful parachute deployment? We don't think so, and we're excited to help you make your start.
  • All the accessories that you need for general hobby work. From glue and paint to decals, when you're out of an essential item, look here first.

Problems with Remote Control Boats in Brisbane Solved by Northern Beaches Hobby Centre

What if you'd rather take to the water than burn rubber or soar through the skies? Remote control boats can offer an exciting challenge, and there's no shortage of interesting RC sailing events to explore, too. We can help you avoid a few common issues with getting started, such as:

  • A lack of access to the components or spare parts that you need to maintain your favourite boat. It can be tricky to find the right parts, but with NBHC, locating them is no trouble at all.
  • Uncertainty about next steps or problems that you can't seem to overcome. You can always find help and insight from our friendly team. Try making a post to our highly active Facebook page. With our 1000-plus followers, a fellow hobbyist may have your answer!
  • An inability to find the types of RTR or kit boats that you want. When you're starting out, pro-level kits may be all you come across elsewhere—but we make sure to cater to newcomers, too.

With friendly help from NBHC and our community, engaging with remote control boats, planes, or cars is easier than ever.

Why Shop with Northern Beaches Hobby Centre?

From our broad selection that's now tens of thousands of items strong to our robust customer service, there are plenty of reasons to start your search for a new hobby here. At Northern Beaches Hobby Centre, we're dedicated to offering accessible prices. If you spy a price on another Australian site that beats us, tell us—we'll match the cost!

Start exploring our catalogue now or give us a ring if you have questions.