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Remote Control Cars in Melbourne offer Families a Bonding Experience

Get your family off the couch to embrace their competitive spirit with remote control cars in Melbourne. Despite technological advancements in communication, families seem less connected than ever. Buy a couple of RC cars and get them racing for bragging rights or a special reward. Northern Beaches Hobby Centre is a great place to begin your new family adventure with a wide range of cars, trucks, boats and planes to inspire your family to spend quality time together.

What Sets Northern Beaches Hobby Centre Apart Regarding Remote Control Boats in Melbourne

Remote control cars are usually where most people start their journey, but if your family enjoys water activities, remote control boats in Melbourne may be a better launch pad.

  • We offer RTR (ready to run) boats that are ready to cruise your backyard pool. Choose from sailboats or speedboats to set up races in your backyard or local pond.
  • If you have experience with remote control boats in Melbourne, you might opt for a kit to create a one of a kind marine vessel. Getting your family involved creates a bonding experience that will last a lifetime.
  • We carry major brands including Proboat, Vector, Volantex and Aquacraft, including all the spare parts and accessories you need to spend hours by the water. We stock items you may not be able to find elsewhere, giving you more options for customisation.

Your water-loving family will embrace remote control boats as another water activity you can do together, creating a lifetime of memories.

Benefits of Remote Control Planes in Melbourne

If you’ve always wanted to pilot a plane, remote control planes in Melbourne allows you to perform stunts reserved for experienced pilots.

  • Remote control planes in Melbourne come RTF (ready to fly) complete with everything you need to take to the air and learn to maneuverer through the sky like a professional pilot without hours of lessons.
  • Many RC clubs meet to show off their skills and meet new people. They also provide platforms for competition to further improve your skills.
  • Building a plane from parts allows you to customise your aircraft and teaches kids basic mechanics that can benefit them later in life. Creating something from scratch develops pride in a job well done.

Why You Should Buy from Northern Beaches Hobby Centre

We have been supplying Australian hobbyists with radio control options for nearly 20 years. We carry major brands and have an extensive inventory of spare parts, upgrades and accessories to expand your collection and gain experience. Our friendly staff share your enthusiasm and can offer suggestions or help you diagnose a problem to get you back on the road, in the water or the air quickly. Our fast shipping allows you to maintain focus on your hobby and keep your family involved.

Contact us to learn more about our remote control options and how they can fit into your family.