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Remote Control Cars in Perth Provide Great Family Fun For All

Have you ever considered using remote control cars in Perth as a family activity where everyone will have fun, regardless of their age or gender? Get those kids outdoors, away from their phones and computers, and enjoy quality time as a family with this hobby which has something for all ages and levels of proficiency.

What sets Northern Beaches Hobby Centre Apart Regarding Remote Control Cars in Perth

We understand that not all hobbyists want to buy a ready-built radio-controlled car, boat, plane or drone. More times than not, you want to build your own, add your flair of ingenuity and workmanship to it, and then compare the performance to other models which have been custom built. This is why we stock such an exceptionally large variety of kits, to cater for everyone’s needs.

  • Static Models: When you first decide to move away from assembled models and wish to construct your own, an excellent place to start is with a static kit. This way, you get a feel for starting from scratch and then slowly building and creating your unique masterpiece. Choose from planes, helicopters, landscapes, trucks, boats and cars, which are available in various scales and brands.
  • R/C Electronics: Once you have mastered static models and completed one or two projects, you might elect to build a radio-controlled version, where your research and precision could help you build a specimen that goes further or faster than anyone else’s. We have everything you will need to accomplish this from batteries, chargers, motors, radios receivers and servos. Things really get exciting once you start building for performance.
  • General hobby accessories: What good is an excellent kit if you do not have further support? We supply lights, fuel, lubes, cleaners and other required hardware to ensure your project turns out successfully. Our wide selection of books and DVDs ensures that you are always up to speed (pun intended) and in the know regarding maximum output regarding your chosen project.

However, should one of your family members prefer to collect model cars as opposed to building motorised versions, we stock Diecast cars for the avid collector too, as we really aim to offer something for the whole family.

What You Can Expect from Northern Beaches Hobby Centre Regarding Remote Control Planes Perth

Gone are the days where you would just fly a plane a short distance and land it with primitive controls, these days, remote control drones and planes in Perth have more authentic controls and have evolved to require a specific skill set to launch, fly and land them. The same holds true for remote control boats and trains in Perth.

  • Ready to fly: RTF craft are also available for different levels of operator proficiencies, and include everything which is required for you to start flying. We do, however, recommend that you read the package details and product descriptions carefully, as often manufacturers do not include batteries or chargers.
  • Almost ready to fly: These ARF crafts usually require controls and power system electronics. We stock all the items you will need to get your plane in the air and soaring at great heights and amazing speeds.
  • Bind and fly: We have a full range of BNF craft available. Each helicopter or plane is fitted with a Spektrum receiver and will respond to commands from your Spektrum transmitter (which we also stock should you not have one). Depending on your proficiency, these crafts are available in novice, experienced, advanced and expert.

About Northern Beaches Hobby Centre

Seventeen years ago, we started as a humble hobby shop servicing the northern beaches and have today grown into a world-class stockist of all things model, kit and radio control related for the modern hobbyist. However, we remain humble, still focus on variety, quality and providing more than a pleasant shopping encounter, rather an experience which leaves you satisfied and well stocked.

Go on, you know you will find it with us, give us a call.