Remote Control Lamborghini

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Remote Control Lamborghini Cars Bring Hours of Joy To Their Owners

Astonishing design and detail make remote control Lamborghini cars the ideal gift for anyone who loves RC cars. For example, the 1/24 scale RC Lamborghini Veneno is sleek with stunning attention to detail. This specific model can reach a speed of 10mph with radio transmission of up to 40m. This is just an example of one of the vast selection of remote control Lamborghinis we have in stock.

Tips Regarding Lamborghini Remote Control Car

When looking to purchasing a Lamborghini remote control car, keep a few pointers in mind to ensure you choose the model which is a perfect fit for you.

  • Five different types of RC cars: The main types of RC vehicles are cars, trucks, buggies, monster trucks and rock crawlers. Know where you would like to ride your RC vehicle, and this will guide you to choose the correct type.
  • Difference in builds and kits: Here, you need to consider purchasing a prebuilt or self-build car. Your love for building things from scratch could determine your choice. Keep in mind; if you do opt for a ready built car, you can still upgrade or customise it to give it your personal touch.
  • Nitro powered: If reaching 10mph is too blasé for your liking, you may want to opt for a nitro powered car which can reach up to 80mph. Bear in mind that the nitro cars are more costly to maintain and are louder than battery operated counterparts since they burn actual fuel.

Problems Northern Beaches Hobby Centre addresses

We aim to ensure you have access to all the spares, accessories, kits and ready built cars that are available, and that you can maintain, upgrade and customise them, knowing you have a one-stop-shop where you will always find the right item at the right price for your project. We also cater for different levels of expertise which allows you to grow into each phase whereafter you can move on to a more complicated build which may require more technical know-how.

  • Spares availability: Many hobby shops have honed their stock holding only to include a specific brand or range of products. You will find our inventory includes items not available from many other stockists.
  • Technical know-how and support: Our stock includes informative books and DVDs from which you can build your knowledge and level of proficiency. On Facebook, you will find our enthusiastic community of over 1 000 members, helpful and knowledgeable too.
  • Collectables: Sometimes, your finances dictate the level of your enthusiasm. We understand this, and through our extremely competitive pricing, we aim to make it possible for you to build up a budget-friendly collection, which depicts your passion.

Upgrade, add to, or personalise your remote control collection, at our online store, we turn dreams into reality. If you don’t see it, ask us, we will find it.