Plane Electric RTF


Ever wondered what all these abreviations mean. Here are some basic tips on where to start.

RTF (Ready To Fly) - Planes & Helicopters that are RTF means that they are Ready to fly out of the box. They include the Plane / Helicopter complete, Radio system, Main Battery & Charger and often some spares (Most exclude the 4 - 8 'AA' batteries for the Transmitter).

BNF (Bind & Fly) - Planes & Helicopters that are BNF means that the Plane / Helicopter is ready to fly out of the box with a Spektrum Receiver installed BUT NO Transmitter is included. This enables the purchaser to use the same Radio Transmitter (Spektrum) for different RC models, and save money by not purchasing transmitters with each purchase. This system only applies to the Spektrum brand of RC Controllers.

ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) - Planes & Helicopters that are ARF means that the Plane / Helicopter is complete, but you will need to add a Radio System, and in some cases, add ESC & Motor / Engine as well. Smaller Planes & Helicopters usually only require the addition of the Radio System, but larger Planes & Helicopters can run with either an Electric Motor or a Gas Engine, therefore, giving the purchaser the option of choosing one or the other. Always check carefully, to see what is included in the box. It can be an expensive excersise if you purchase the wrong configuration.

KIT - A Kit means that the Plane / Helicopter has to be completly built from the ground up. Kits can come in different configuations which can include Radio Systems, Motors and electronics, and some kits only include the Plane or Helicopter. Most kits are for the higher end of the Hobby, and usually require some established RC knowledge and skills.