Car & Truck Accessories


Ever wondered what all these abreviations mean. Here are some basic tips on where to start.

RTF (Ready To Run) - RC Cars and Trucks that are RTR means that they are Ready to Run out of the box. They include the Car / Truck complete, Radio system, Main Battery & Charger and often some spares (Most exclude the 4 - 8 'AA' batteries for the Transmitter). Please be sure to check each Cars description as some may not include Battery and Charger from time to time.

KIT - A Kit means that the Car / Truck has to be completly built from the ground up. Kits can come in different configuations which can include Radio Systems, Motors and electronics, and some kits only include the RC Car or Truck. Most kits are for the higher end of the Hobby, and usually require some established RC knowledge and skills. Kits are also great when you want to learn about your RC vehicle, there is no better way to start a Hobby with building your kit.

We carry a lot of the major brands in our store - Tamiya - Kyosho - Traxxas - XRAY - BSD Racing - 3 Racing - Team ASsociated - Team Losi and many more. We cater from the Beginner to the Ultimate racer.