Radios & Servos & Receivers

This is our RC Radios and Servo's Category. Here you will find all tyres of RC Hand Controlers to help control your RC Car, Boat or Aircraft. We carry Wheel Radio's for Surface RC Models and Stick Radio's for Air RC Models. 

Wheels Radio's - Surface models use wheel Radio's 95% of the time. The one exception would be Tamiya Trucks which use a Stick Style Radio. 95% of Radio sets include a Receiver that pairs with the Radio unit. A handfull will include Servo's in the package. Surface Radios' will usually have 2 or 3 Channels. We stock most major brands including Futaba - KO Propo - Spektrum - Sanwa plus more.

Stick Radio's - Aircraft models use stick radio's 99% of the time. 95% of Radio sets will include a receiver that pairs to the Radio unit. A hanful will include Servo's in the package. Air Radio's will have a minimum of 4 Channels and go up from there. The more Channels you have means the more Functions you have. A RC Heli will require 4-6 Channles to run, but a 8 Channel Radio is usually best if you are a Experienced Pilot. Planes will also use 4-6 Channels usually no more, unless you have many accessories like, lights, retracts etc etc. RC Drone's usually start at 8 Channels for a Experienced model and go upwards from there, depending on what acessories you have on your model.

Receivers - We carry Receivers for the Radio's we have in stock. If you have a high end dgital radio the advantage of having model memory is perfect for the RC Enthusiast who has more than one model. Extra Receivers allow you to have multiple models on the same radio.

Servo's - We also carry all major brands of servo's to suit you RC Model. Standard, Mini and Micro size servo's are the most popular, but we also stock larger sized servo's for 1:5th Scale cars and Sail Winch Servo's. Popular brands include Savox - Hitec - Futaba - Ko Propo - JR and many more.