The KO Propo EX-RR 2.4GHz Radio System is KO's top of the line transmitter. The EX series has been updated, and now provides an even more connected feel than before, as well as updated features and functions. Updates include the Grip Unit 2, with an updated trigger system for a more linear and direct feel; Updated steering and throttle angle sensors for increased precision and improved reliability; and four FHSS output modes to suit a variety of applications. 

KO Propo EX-RR Features at a Glance: 

  • Utilizing KO's US Patented K.I.Y. system for modular components.
  • 2.7inch LCD display for easy navigation.
  • LCD screen can be rotated 90 degrees for personal viewing preference.
  • Expert Grip Unit 2 includes the updated trigger system for a linear direct feel.
  • Updated steering and throttle angle sensors for precision and durability.
  • Soft and linear steering spring.
  • Updated functions added to the menu system.
  • Quad signal outputs for KO's FHSS Normal, FHSS French mode system and Kyosho's MHS Mini-Z Normal and French mode.
  • Higher quality wrap utilizing a carbon fiber water dip.
  • Includes the new KR-415FH receiver that is compatible with the HCS operation.
  • Using the K.I.Y. system allows for upgrades later without purchasing an entirely new system.
  • EX-1 KIY and EX-2 optional accessories can be used with the EX-RR.

In Depth KO Propo EX-RR Features: 

  • High performance CPU & 2.7inch LCD: Using a similar CPU to the EX-2 provides a super linear and fast response with new added functions. Each menu is displayed like an icon to make it easy to search and the menu tree is useful for setting up to 40 vehicles.
  • Two LCD Positions - 90 Degrees Conversion: The LCD screen can be placed in two directions for a preferred viewing position. The new mounting bracket for the LCD provides a stable mount.
  • Compact and Light Weight Master Unit: Using a similar Master Unit as the EX-2 provides a compact, light and well balanced system. The Master Unit and grip panels have a carbon fiber water dip wrap and some screws have been changed out for aluminum for further weight reduction.
  • Redesigned throttle unit has Improved Feel: Changing the fulcrum point, lengthen the trigger, adding a spring tension adjustment along with a redesigned angle sensor has created a more direct feeling while maintaining a compact and comfortable size.
  • Smoother Steering Unit & Optimized Wheel Size: A soft linear spring gives a constant tension through the steering movement. The new wheel size has improved the reaction of a car operation.
  • Rollout Calculator Function: Also seen in the EX-2, this allows for the calculation of the rollout (car movement distance per one motor revolution) automatically.
  • Push Control Function: A motor that has a strong magnetic force will add a braking effect when the throttle is released and will make a car stall in the corner. Setting the amount of forward input to remain on the throttle as the trigger returns to neutral can be adjusted.
  • Includes KR-415FHD Receiver: The dual receiver KR-FHD is included and ready to be used with the Normal mode or HCS mode when turned on. The long antenna version is included with the set.
  • KIY Accessory Compatible: KIY steering units, grip units and grip accessories are compatible with this system allowing you to customize your experience while using the EX-RR.

Master Unit: EX-RR w/ 10580 LCD Expansion Unit EXP-104S 
Steering Unit: 10579 Drop Extension Unit (soft spring) & 10574 Aluminum Steering Wheel 
Grip Unit: 10578 Expert Grip Unit 2 
Receiver: 21009 KR-415FHD (long antenna) 
Operating System: steering wheel & throttle trigger 
Number of Channels: 4 
Transmit Frequency Band: 2.4GHz 
Neutral Pulse: 1.5msec 
Power Source: RO3/AAA/UM4 battery x 4, or 4 cell battery pack 
Current Consumption: 150mA


SKU KO80641
Brand KO

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