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Find a Remote Control Boat You’ll Love at Beaches Hobby Centre

What are you looking for out of a remote control boat? Do you want a reliable model that you can teach your kids how to pilot on nearby bodies of water? Or are you looking for a racing model that will allow you to win competitive events? No matter what you want from your next RC boat, Northern Beaches Hobby Centre is the place to find it.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Your Remote Control Boat

We are here to help you find the ideal remote control boat no matter what you have in mind for it. To help you get the most fun and value out of your purchase, we advise you to take these tips into consideration.

  • Know the terminology: When it comes to buying RC boats, there are two terms that you need to know about: ‘Ready to Run’ or ‘RTR’ and ‘kit.’ RC boats sold as RTR are typically ready to use when you pull them out of the box. You may need to add a battery, but your boat will otherwise be all set up for a cruise on the nearest waterway. With a kit, you will need to build the boat yourself before you can enjoy it. Both options have their fans, and we carry each at Northern Beaches Hobby Centre.
  • Know what kind of boat you want: We stock both RC sailboats and RC powerboats. To make shopping simpler, find out which kind of RC boat you or your kids like best.
  • Remember us for accessories and parts: In the future, if you need spare parts or accessories for your remote control sailboat or powerboat, remember us! We stock a huge array of RC boat parts, including propellers, throttles, and battery straps.

Problems Northern Beaches Hobby Centre Addresses

At Northern Beaches Hobby Centre, we are here to make the process of shopping for remote control vehicles easy. Here are a few common problems that we solve for RC enthusiasts.

  • Poor-quality products: When most people think of RC boats, they think of cheap, flimsy toys that break easily and aren’t that much fun. Our RC toys are heavy-duty, fast, and a joy to play with for hours at a time.
  • Difficult online shopping: We make it easy to order remote control boats—or boat parts and accessories—from home. The products that we sell aren’t always easy to find in online stores, but we are proud to keep a wide range of them in stock.
  • Slow shipping: When you buy a remote control boat, you will probably be antsy to start using it. Fast shipping is an important feature for us because we want our customers to start enjoying their products as soon as possible.

About Northern Beaches Hobby Centre

For the past 17 years, Northern Beaches Hobby Centre has been supporting a slew of hobbies across Australia from flying kites to playing with model trains. We stock 44,000 items in our online store and have a knowledgeable staff that can help you find whatever you need.

If you are ready to order remote control boats but have a few questions, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.