We are super excited to be expanding the popular BlackZon range with some larger scale bashers to welcome a new generation of RC addicts! ...and what could be more fun than a new 1/12th scale Monster Truck, Desert Truck and Desert Buggy line up??

The BlackZon Smyter is perfect for getting a taste of RC jumping, performing stunts, bashing (and crashing!) ...Simply charge n' go and keep coming back for more!

With their 4WD shaft drivetrain, independent double wishbone suspension, adjustable coilover shocks and 4-Gear differentials both front and rear - the Smyter clambers over all kinds of terrain both indoors and out, giving you all-out fun wherever you choose to drive! Plus with its protective gear cover, servo saver built into the servo horn and splashproof electronics - you needn't worry about puddles or debris standing in your way!

All the Smyter trucks look awesome with a choice of two different liveries: Choose electric BLUE & black or bright acid GREEN & black. Each style comes complete with matching beadlock effect wheel rims.

The whole Smyter family has plenty of get-up-and-go, preloaded with a brushed electric 390 motor and Li-Ion 7.4V 1500mAh Battery w/ T-Plug connector, you'll have all the power you need - plus a USB charger for ultimate convenience.

BlackZon SMYTER DB - Desert Buggy
With its roll cage housing the realistic driver and co-driver figures, gnarly beadlock effect treaded tires and fully functioning spare wheel and tire to get you out of a jam on those desert runs, The Smyter Desert Buggy is every bit as much fun to drive as you'd imagine

- 4WD shaft drive
- Independent double wishbone suspension
- Adjustable Coilover Shocks
- 4-Gear Differentials Front & Rear
- Gear cover to keep debris away from the spur gear
- Dual Point Bell Crank Steering System
- Servo Saver Built into Servo Horn
- Complete Set of Ball Bearings
- Splashproof Electronics
- Brushed electric 390 motor
- 2.4GHz Radio with 2 in 1 ESC/Receiver
- Li-Ion 7.4V 1500mAh Battery w/ T-Plug connector
- USB Charger included
- LED Roof Light fitted to Body
- Front LED Lights included in box (customer to fit if desired)
- Speed Limiter using Speed Dial on Transmitter

Download PDF instructions for #540115 (2.4 MB)

Compatible Parts:

  • BZ540030 - Steering Pivot Balls (8P)
  • BZ540041 - Wheel Hex (8P)
  • BZ540043 - USB Charger
  • BZ540044 - Ball Bearings (7.93x12.7x3
  • BZ540045 - Ball Bearings (6.35*9.53*3
  • BZ540048 - Pan head Self Tapping Screws
  • BZ540050 - Countersunk Self Tapping KBHO2
  • BZ540051 - Set Screw 2.5x2.5mm
  • BZ540053 - Pan head Self Tapping Screws
  • BZ540056 - Countersunk Self Tapping
  • BZ540057 - Flange Head Self Tapping
  • BZ540059 - Body Clips (4 pcs)
  • BZ540061 - 2.4GHz Radio
  • BZ540120 - Chassis
  • BZ540122 - Steering & Servo Link Set
  • BZ540123 - Shock Tower & Body Post Set
  • BZ540124 - Steering & Rear Hub Set
  • BZ540125 - Steering Assembly & Servo
  • BZ540126 - Drive Shaft Set (Front/Rear)
  • BZ540127 - Complete Differential
  • BZ540128 - Diff Gear Set
  • BZ540129 - Diff Bulkhead Housing
  • BZ540130 - Motor Mount/Front Steering
  • BZ540131 - Shock Absorber Set
  • BZ540132 - Shock Absorber Set
  • BZ540133 - Suspension Arm Set
  • BZ540134 - Servo Saver Assembly
  • BZ540135 - Center Drive Shaft
  • BZ540136 - Upper Hinge Pin Screw 3x28mm
  • BZ540137 - Lower Inner Hinge Pin 3x47mm
  • BZ540138 - Lower Outer Hinge Pin Set
  • BZ540139 - Steering Post 3x32mm (2pcs)
  • BZ540140 - Ball 4.8x7.8mm (12pcs)
  • BZ540141 - Ball 4.8x6.5mm (8pcs)
  • BZ540142 - Ball 5.8x7mm (8pcs)
  • BZ540143 - Ball Stud 4.8x12mm (12pcs)
  • BZ540144 - Motor Heatsink
  • BZ540145 - Motor 390
  • BZ540146 - Motor Pinion (12T/0.6M)
  • BZ540147 - Servo 2.2Kg (3-Wire)
  • BZ540148 - ESC/Receiver (3-Wire)
  • BZ540149 - Battery Pack (Li-ion 7.4V,
  • BZ540150 - Battery Binding Strap
  • BZ540151 - Wheel Lock Bolts (4pcs)
  • BZ540152 - Set Screws M3x3mm (12pcs)
  • BZ540153 - Pan Head Self Tapping Screws
  • BZ540154 - Pan Head Self Tapping Screws
  • BZ540155 - Countersunk Self Tapping
  • BZ540156 - Pan Head Self Tapping Screws
  • BZ540157 - Pan Head Screws 2.5x6mm
  • BZ540159 - Pan Head Self Tapping Screws
  • BZ540160 - Countersunk Self Tapping
  • BZ540167 - Roll Cage
  • BZ540168 - Bumper Set
  • BZ540169 - Spare Wheel Mount
  • BZ540170 - DB Roof Light Mount
  • BZ540171 - DB Roof Light (Front)
  • BZ540172 - DB Roof Light (Rear)
  • BZ540174 - Pan Head Self Tapping Screws
  • BZ540180 - Smyter DB Body (Black/Blue)
  • BZ540184 - Smyter Desert Wheels/Tires
  • BZ540185 - Driver Helmet (Blue/2pcs)


SKU BZ540115
Barcode # 5700135401158
Brand BlackZon

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